SIA Inspiration: Maximilien Luce

It’s another week of SIA, and the curator, Kim, picked this piece as the inspiration:

Titled “Le Quai Saint Michel et Notre Dame”, this is the work of Neo-impressionist Maximilien Luce. Now you have all heard about the fire at Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago. The damage that this monument suffered is truly heartbreaking, which is why Kim wishes to commemorate it in SIA. (I was lucky enough to see Notre Dame in its glory when I went to Paris in 2008, though I didn’t go inside.)

As for the painting itself, there are a lot of colors here that you can use – I see light blue, pink, purple, with accents of dark green, dark blue, and even a hint of red. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Don’t forget to send your outfits to Kim ( by next Tueday, May 7th. Have fun!

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