SIA Inspiration: Joseph Ducreux

Welcome to another week of SIA! It being April Fools, I decided to pick something a bit more fun as the inspiration, and here it is:

This is “Self-portrait, yawning” by 18th century French artist Joseph Ducreux. He is best known for the unconventional and often humorous expressions in his portraits (one of them even becomes a meme). I remember seeing this painting at the Getty Center and being quite struck by how different it is from other “classical” portraits, so I thought it would be a good choice for an April Fools’ SIA. There are plenty of colors here (red, tan, white, and charcoal gray) and you can even take inspiration from the guy’s suit. Just remember to send me your outfit by next Tuesday, April 9th. Bonus point if you mimic the pose too!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Joseph Ducreux”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I MUST remember to do this!!! I have the perfect cosplay outfit for this- it’s just like a costume worn by Romana in an episode of Doctor WHo!

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