This week’s SIA inspiration, “Personnages aux Chevaux” by French artist Marcelle Cahn, is a true challenge for me. At first, I thought about going the equestrian route – my brown riding boots would be a good choice for both the colors and the theme – but then I didn’t know what pants to pair them with to mimic the rest of the painting. Then I thought about color blocking, but I don’t have the exact colors in my wardrobe. In the end, I decided to pick out the pieces that are closest in colors and put them together. I also added my pendant necklace as an interpretation of the exaggerated eyes in the painting.

The result is… interesting, I guess? Not bad, exactly. Although I’m leaning toward this kind of loose-fitting silhoutte now, I certainly would never pair these items together if it wasn’t for SIA, so at least it’s something new.

Don’t forget to check out Kim’s blog to see other interpretations of this painting!

6 Comments on “Non-Equestrian”

  1. I like it! The pants look pretty comfortable.

  2. mommyhon333 says:

    Your colors and color blocking make for a great interpretation of the art. I liked the simplicity of the painting, the shapes in the stylized horses and people. Love the silhouette of those pants, kind of a WWII era look, I think. I am hearing Big Band music!!

    • Salazar says:

      Hey, great idea! I’ve always styled them in a minimalist way, but now I’m thinking I need some 1930’s – 1940’s blouse to pair with it!

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  4. Kezzie says:

    Ahrgh, I forgot AGAIN and I had such a cool outfit planned for this one!!!

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