SIA: Still Life With Irises

Welcome to the first SIA challenge of 2019! As a reminder, our inspiration this week is Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Irises“:

Everybody brought some fun and colorful looks to the table, so let’s hit it! First up, we have Bev, looking lovely in her floral blouse and maxi skirt:

Next is my co-host, Daenel, who chose to focus on the texture of the painting with her jeans and eyelet top:

Then it’s Leslie – she couldn’t find her ideal outfit, so she had to settle for her “typical uniform”, but I think she looks great:

Kezzie says she “nicked” elements from my outfit for her own – nothing wrong with that!

Finally, we have Kim, who chose her outfit to emphasize the rich texture of the gold background:

And here’s me (my second outfit will get its own post on Friday):

Big thanks to everybody for participating! You’ve certainly brightened up a dreary winter day. Remember to check back next week for Daenel’s pick, and if you’re interested in being a SIA co-host, there is still time! Email me or Daenel for details!

2 Comments on “SIA: Still Life With Irises”

  1. Everyone did such a great job with the interpretations. Such a great prompt, especially given the weather we’ve been having.

  2. mommyhon333 says:

    So enjoyed this art and everyone’s take on it. Have been with my mom for over a week now and unable to sneak in a few minutes for blog reading but did stop by to look at all of the photos earlier. Your buttery yellow scarf is such a warm accessory, in color and purpose, for these dreary winter days. I have one, too! Wish it was here with me in snowy Kentucky.

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