Adventures In Watercolor 7

These may be the last watercolors I’m going to post in a while. I really should start painting again – I can feel myself getting rusty – but these past few weeks have been so insanely busy that I didn’t have the time or feel the inclination to take my brushes and colors out.

Anyway, here are some landscapes I did a while ago. I’m still struggling with shadows and reflections, as you can see. (These are all copies of existing paintings).

Back in October-November, I had enough free time to take another watercolor class, with a focus on landscapes, and the results certainly look better than the ones I did on my own:

I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing, or take another class if I can!

2 Comments on “Adventures In Watercolor 7”

  1. These are all beautiful! I love your color choices so much, especially in the first block of landscapes. They’re really really lovely! I miss doing art. Maybe I’ll make it a goal this year to produce a few art pieces.


  2. Kezzie says:

    These are startlingly good! I LOVE the way the light shines through in a blaze of dazzling light just like the sun does in a photograph- I couldn’t believe you’d managed to paint that it! They are beautiful! My favourites are the first AND third one.

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