First Outfit Post Of 2019

Happy New Year! The past few years have been tough, and 2019 looks to be more or less the same, but at least we’re still here and still kicking it, right?

I was going to post some sort of retrospective about the last year and the state of blogging in general, given that many of my favorite blogs are getting shut down or moved to different platforms (Instagram, for example), but in the spirit of moving forward and not looking back, I decided to just go ahead with an outfit post, as usual. The truth is that, this blog has always been just a personal thing for me, so I never feel any pressure to make it more than what it is. During the heights of style blogging, about a year or so after I started the blog, I did try to expand it, but that quickly passed. I’m happy with the blog as it is right now – a documentation of my life – and if it helps me to be more mindful of what I wear, all the better 🙂

2 Comments on “First Outfit Post Of 2019”

  1. Mike says:

    Happy New Year, Salazar!

    Yes, last year had its share of challenges, but like you said, we’re still here; still above ground!

    That’s a great attitude to have, Salazar.
    Sometimes I feel the need to try and make my blog “better”. But then I asked myself, “why?” It’s something that I like to do, and allows me to share my interests and passions (art, books, and now music).
    Even if it rarely gets visited, I still enjoy doing it. And that’s the attitude that I’m going to take on in this new year, in terms of blogging.

    Thanks for being a good inspiration for me. For even though our blogs our very different, we share the same goal I think; doing what we love and sharing it with others.

    Let’s help support each other’s passions in this new year!

  2. I’ve noticed the big change in many people moving to Instagram, but I’m so glad you’re sticking around. I personally prefer reading blogs to looking at Instagram. They feel more personal and are easier to read/comment on to me! Happy New Year!

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