A Year In Review: Favorite Outfits Of 2018

In my yearly outfit reviews (since I started doing it regularly, about 5 years ago), I realize that I always say my style is getting simpler and simpler, and it’s definitely true. Looking at these favorite outfits from the past year, I can see that my style focus has shifted from colors and patterns to proportions and functionality, hence my tendency to stick to pants and neutrals. It also means the blog name has gone full circle – I started the blog with the intention of getting away from the “shades of grey” in my wardrobe and ended up embracing them again. It’s not surprising that my most colorful outfits are usually for SIA.

Still, all in all, not a bad spread of outfits. I’m interested to see what changes next year will bring, and I hope you guys will still be along for the ride!

2 Comments on “A Year In Review: Favorite Outfits Of 2018”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s been a great year, Salazar. And I’m happy to have gotten to know you through your blog over the last 4 years; soon to be 5 years. Hoping for a great year in 2019!

  2. K. Doddey says:

    Hello, I have been browsing around your blog for a short while now. I enjoy your outfit posts and find them approachable and timeless, and, in my stranger’s view, you look confident and happy. I wanted to compliment your style and tell you that I like what you wear. You look great! These outfits are all excellent choices for a “best of” post. I’m currently rediscovering my love of a button down skirt, and taking note of your simple pairings.

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