Glassed Up

I don’t know if that post title makes sense or not. I’m just trying to find a play on the word “glass”, since this outfit is inspired by the blown glass flasks picked by Daenel, and I already titled a post “Glassy” (terrible, terrible pun totally intended), so this is the best I could do.

Anyway, on to the outfit. I used the main colors of the flasks as the jumping-off point, hence the green pants and brown oxfords. There is yellow too, but that shade of greenish yellow would look horrible on me, so I opted for my tan sweater instead. The sweater also has a texture that mimics the pattern of the flasks, so win-win. And finally, I topped it off with my glass brooch, and voilà! All done. I’m pretty happy with this outfit, as it is a good interpretation of the inspiration (if I do say so myself) but still works well on its own.

Don’t forget to check out Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see the other outfits inspired by these cool flasks!

3 Comments on “Glassed Up”

  1. Mike says:

    Ah, I forgot that we’re off Daylight Savings Time over here now, as your post went live already!
    How quickly time passes…

    I think that it makes perfect sense. You did fine, Salazar. It’s kind of hard to make good, pun sounding titles with the word “glass”. I honestly can’t think of any. If I do, I’ll pass them along!

    Great outfit by the way! You matched the colors of your outfit well with the colors of the different flasks. They provide a good variety and range of shades to choose from.

  2. Love your interpretation, which feels totally on point and comfy and cozy in the best sense. And that brooch — perfection! 🙂

  3. LOL at your pun. I tried too and gave up. I know I said this before, but I love your brooch. It’s so very pretty. Great interpretation of the flasks.

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