Cool As A Cucumber

After an overenthusiastic cold snap earlier in the month, the weather has turned warm, so my straggler outfits (yes, I’m still posting them) suddenly make sense again. Thankfully, now “warm” really means “warm” and not “scorching hot”, and with an outfit like this – linen pants and shirt – you may actually be a bit cold in the morning and at night. But I’m committed to posting all of these leftover outfits (I’m nearly caught up now), so here we are.

P/S: I’m rubbish at thinking up post titles, and given how I’m talking about cold weather and wearing green pants in this post, this is the only phrase I could come up with. Maybe I should just give up thinking of snappy post titles and just go with something simple and to the point, like “White button-up shirt & green linen pants”.

One Comment on “Cool As A Cucumber”

  1. Mike says:

    I think that you come up with great post titles, Salazar. You do better than me. Mine are kind of boring I think. The postcard posts are based off of the titles that I use for my art, so I guess I need to come up with better postcard titles. 😉

    Glad to hear that your weather is warmer and more comfortable. It’s been cold and rainy here all week.
    Your post from Wednesday, concerning reading a good book with a hot beverage, sounded pretty good to me!

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