SIA Inspiration: Kate Bunce

It’s again my turn to host SIA, and here’s my pick:

This is the painting “Melody (Musica)” by  Kate Bunce, an English painter associated with the Arts and Crafts movement and influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites. You can clearly see the Pre-Raphaelite influences in the strong lines and the rich colors, while the Arts and Crafts touches are shown in the pattern on the woman’s dress and the flowering branch behind her. I had saved this for a while, intending to use it in the spring, but then I forgot about it, and I figure waiting until next spring is too long, so here we are. Remember to send me your outfit by next Tuesday, October 23rd. Have fun!

(And it is not until now that I realize it looks strangely similar to Jen’s SIA pick last week, the “Cleopatra” poster. Ah well, never mind. At least the colors are different.)

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