Adventures In Watercolor 5

Here are some more paintings I’ve finished over the past few weeks. Most of them are copied from existing paintings, and a few are from photos.

These first two are from photos, while the ones below them are copies of existing paintings

I find it easier to copy a painting than to work from a photo, because with a painting, I can see the techniques used, while with a photo, I still have troubles figuring out how to achieve a certain look. And that’s why I’m taking another class, starting later this month. Hopefully it can help me to improve.

One Comment on “Adventures In Watercolor 5”

  1. Mike says:

    Wonderful, Salazar! These are all great! I especially like your mountains painting at the very top. I have the most trouble painting mountains effectively. Sometimes they come out okay, but other times… well…

    And yes, I agree. Painting from photographs can be challenging because they’re so full of detail. But I have no doubt that you will be able to do that as well one day! You’re doing great!

    But that’s great that you’re taking another class. I wish that I had the time to do that. I’m doing the next best thing though. I’ve been watching Bob Ross DVDs on how to paint various scenes during the year. He has one for each season. Right now, I’m watching the autumn one, along with a 3 hour tutorial that he did on specific techniques to try and help improve my own skills.

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