Silver And Gold

Earlier this week we had some rain, and it finally felt like summer has ended. Note that I said “summer has ended”, not “fall has begun”. It’s still quite warm, but the heat is no longer muggy or oppressive, and in the morning and at night, there is a certain crispness in the air, which prompts me to bring this top out again. I don’t know why I associate it with fall so much – it’s certainly a summer-weight top, but the color and the print always make me think “fall” rather than summer.

I’m being a little cheeky with my jewelry in this outfit too. See if you can find my brooch!

2 Comments on “Silver And Gold”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Haha, that brooch is so well camouflaged! I knew it was going to be *that* brooch but I couldn’t spot it till the closeup!!! I have similar dressing thoughts. It isn’t Autumn but not really Summer. I got it right today though!x

  2. You look stunning in black. You really can pull off that color! Love the little leaves on the top. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party.

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