Last Of Summer Outfits

School has officially started this week, so this is the last of my summer outfits before we’re back to the work attire. Usually I’m glad when summer is over, but this summer hasn’t been too bad – mostly thanks to my watercolor class, and I’ve also been excercising more regularly with the help of Blogilates (it’s great for a couch potato like me, because it gives you a monthly calendar with workout videos for each day, which you can just follow along without having to think what exercise you’re going to do). I have more energy, so the days are more fun and productive. Plus, work is going to be extra busy this year. One of my classes is graduating, and I’m going to have to look over their theses… So yeah, I’m not looking forward to going back to work.

P/S: I just realize this outfit would be great for this week’s SIA, but I already have another outfit planned. Just wait and see 😉


3 Comments on “Last Of Summer Outfits”

  1. Mike says:

    You and me both, Salazar, in terms of wanting summer to end as I usually hate it. But like you said, this one hasn’t been too bad. Actually, I sort of enjoyed this summer without too much pain.
    This past week was especially nice for me as I was on vacation (which translates to “staycation” as I never go anywhere) and I got a lot done.

    Happy to hear that you’ve been exercising more. Me too. I’ve been using our little gym in my building (no one’s ever down there so it’s like my own personal workout room; yay!). While I’m not trying to become a track star athlete, I feel better in the end and have more energy, which makes for better, happier days.

    Best of luck for a great teaching semester! And keep up the great work with your art! 🙂

  2. This would definitely be perfect for this week’s SIA – I actually thought that’s what it was when the page loaded and I glanced at the photo before seeing the title. It’s a lovely outfit.

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