SIA: Blue And Gray Acrobats

Welcome to another week of SIA! Our inspiration is Picasso’s “Two Acrobats with a Dog“, and we have a lot of fun and surprisingly similar outfits, so let’s check them out!

First up, our co-host Jen and her husband, Sam, are in matching outfits with their argyle tees, reddish jeans, and slip-ons. How cute are they?

Up next is Bev, who looks lovely in a blue dress and blue shoes. Check out her post for close-ups of her necklace, which also mimics the colors of the painting:

Kezzie also has the same idea as Bev about the blue shades and the leggings, in a cute tank top and beautiful silk skirt:

Our co-host Daenel is in the middle of moving so she doesn’t have access to all of her clothes, but she did a great job with what she has.Apparently she and I had the same idea about wearing plaid pants:

Finally, here’s me:

And that concludes another fun SIA challenge! Be sure to tune in next week for a new inspiration courtesy of Daenel!

2 Comments on “SIA: Blue And Gray Acrobats”

  1. Kezzie says:

    A small but excellent group! Oh wow, Jen and Sam matching is adorable and soooooooooo apt for the inspiration! Love Bev’s pretty dress and the two inspired checked trousers ideas!

  2. Sam and Jen are so much fun! Love their coordinating outfits. Bev and Kezzie’s dress / skirt combinations are super cute. Love the addition of the leggings. And we are definitely fraternal twinning. LOL Obviously, I’m a fan of plaid.

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