SIA: Help Wanted 2.0

You can probably guess this was coming. With Erin’s departure, Jen and I are looking for another SIA co-host. We find that with three hosts, we can have a greater variety of artworks, and as we alternate hosting duties, it doesn’t put too much stress on our blogging schedule. Your responsibilities will be simple – find a work of visual art, post about it, receive the outfit submissions, and post the round-up on your blog the following week (we are doing a Monday – Wednesday schedule, but you can reschedule it to fit your blog). When it’s my or Jen’s turn to host, we’ll inform you of our artwork of choice ahead of time and you post it on your blog. That’s it! It’s a lot of fun. Not only you can learn more about art and art history, but it can be a great source of inspiration for your style as well. More than once SIA has helped me decide what to wear when I’m face with the paradox of choice from my closet.

So if you’re interested or have any further question, email me or Jen ( We hope to hear from you!

4 Comments on “SIA: Help Wanted 2.0”

  1. […] call for a new SIA co-host is still open if you’re interested! We’ve had some expressing their interest already, […]

  2. […] For more details on the responsibilities and schedule, please check my previous “Help Wanted” […]

  3. I would be interested.

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