Inbetween Days

This is one of those “duh” outfits that I can’t believe I haven’t worn before, because the combination seems like such a no-brainer. It’s not very spring-like, but then again the weather is not spring-like either. Spring for us usually means drizzling rain and crazy humidity, but this past week has been clear, crisp, and cool – more fall-like than spring. Not that I’m complaining. I’d take fall over spring any day, and it makes getting dressed much easier, so I’m just going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.


P/S: While the travel posts last, I’m still sticking to the plan of at least one outfit post per week, so the book reviews will be posted next Wednesday instead. Also, I really need to clean my shoes.

2 Comments on “Inbetween Days”

  1. Mike says:

    I hear you there, Salazar in regards to fall. I’d take that season over spring and definitely over summer and winter (can you tell which season is my favorite?). Even though spring has officially started over here, it’s been cold and rainy. But I’ll take that over hot and humid. It is what it is…

    Oh, I’m glad you said something! I’m going to have to do a delayed book review as well because I’m not done reading mine yet. I hope to finish this weekend.

    Have a good one!

  2. This is such a classic outfit! There are a few combinations like that I have in my closet that I haven’t put together yet, and then I do and it’s like “wait, what was I thinking?!”

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