I’m back from my Cuba trip! There are a massive amount of photos to sort through, and I’m still recovering from the looooong flights, but rest assure that there will be a lot of travel posts in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, here is a teaser and an SIA post, all in one.

Before I left for my trip, I asked Jen to send me the inspiration for the upcoming challenge so I could plan ahead. The inspiration, which is the portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin Elizabeth Murray, turns out to be perfect, as I was traveling with a friend, so I decided to recreate the painting if we could.

We finally got a chance to take the photo at our casa (homestay) in Trinidad, as it has a nice little cove with plants and chairs. There wasn’t a plate of fruit for us to use as props, so we had to make do with an ashtray, but it looks pretty close, doesn’t it? Here are some more photos of my full outfit during our sightseeing of the town:

Don’t forget to check Jen’s blog for the full round-up on Wednesday!

4 Comments on “Belles”

  1. Mike says:

    Welcome back, Salazar! Glad to hear you made it back home safely. Looking forward to seeing your travel photos!
    You and your friend nailed the SIA challenge! Great job!

  2. I love that you and your friend did the SIA photo together! I always seem to realize the SIA week has come up about two days late, agh!
    Excited to see your photos from Cuba!

  3. […] And Salazar, along with her friend, turned it OUT for this challenge. I am so in love with their photo, which they took at their casa in Trinidad, Cuba. They recreated the painting SO WELL, including the backdrop, the poses, the props, and of course, the wonderful outfits. The deep pink of Salazar’s dress is such a lovely, flattering color. (I may be biased.) You can see more photos of Salazar’s outfit — and travels! — on this blog post. […]

  4. […] first one is inspired by Jen’s pick, this portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin Elizabeth Murray. It was so much fun doing SIA in […]

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