SIA: Dogs Playing Poker

It’s another week of SIA, and we have some very cool outfits (and some very cute doggies too), so let’s get to it! Just as a reminder, here is our inspiration, “A Bold Bluff”, from the “Dogs Playing Poker” series by C.M. Coolidge:

First up we have Jen, whose skirt perfectly matches the bookcase in the background of the painting (except for the fact that the print also features cats. But don’t tell the dogs that!)

Jen’s husband, Sam, also participated this week! Love his vintage olive corduroy blazer and plaid scarf:

Erin went simple and casual with a buffalo-checked shirt. She also tried to teach her dog Chewie to play poker. I think he’s getting there!

Kezzie didn’t have time for a proper photoshoot, so she did a flat-lay instead. How cute is that dalmatian jumper?

And finally, here’s me:

That concludes another fun SIA challenge. Thank you to all the participants (and the pooches), and don’t forget to check back next week for another inspiration!

One Comment on “SIA: Dogs Playing Poker”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I do love quirky paintings like these which elicit such differing responses! Jen’s outfit and setting work so well, that skirt! I love that Sam and I had the same idea with olive cordoroy (can’t spell that word!) Blazers. Chewie is an excellent model and goes very nice with Erin’s red and black tones and I love your fab heritage textures and masculine lines!

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