SIA Inspiration: C.M. Coolidge

Erin was supposed to host this week’s SIA, but because of our schedules (she is busy next week and I’m busy the week I’m supposed to host), we’ve decided to switch places. For my pick, I wanted something featuring a dog, because the Lunar New Year is coming up and it’s the Year of the Dog. After some searching, I decided to pick the famously kitschy “A Bold Bluff” by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge:

This is one painting in a series collectively known as “Dogs Playing Poker” (though not all of them feature dogs playing poker), commissioned to advertise cigars. They’re often dismissed as kitsch art, but I find them so cute and delightful (my favorite is this one, its follow-up “Waterloo“, and “A Friend In Need“). You can see the entire series here and learn more about it here.

Anyway, there are a lot of colors and details here – red, green, brown, the texture of the dogs’ furs, the patterns of the cards, etc. So interpret them however you want, just remember to send me your photo by next Tuesday, February 6. Bonus point if you have a dog in the photo with you! I will see if I can make my dogs cooperate…

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