All About The Socks

I wasn’t feeling very sartorically creative these days, what with the busy schedule, the dreary weather, and an impromptu shopping ban (I wasn’t planning on having a shopping ban, I just haven’t gone shopping in so long), so here is a very basic outfit. I tried to jazz it up with a pair of colorful socks but I’m not sure it worked. My legs are too short to be broken up into three different sections like that. It looks a bit try-hard, doesn’t it?


2 Comments on “All About The Socks”

  1. Annick says:

    Looks good to me Salazar, it brings color into the winter.

  2. […] has been rocking patterned socks with ankle pants/jeans and flat shoes this winter, as seen here, here, and here, for starters. This style looks good with either menswear-style shoes or ankle boots, and […]

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