Adventures In Sketching III

It’s been a while since I touched my watercolor set, but here is the last batch of sketches that I did a couple of months ago. They’re of a looser style than my previous ones, which I prefer – I’m not great at drawing, so with this style, I can just lightly sketch the outline and go right in with the watercolors. As usual, they’re based upon my photos.

A flower stall in Amsterdam

Singapore’s Chinatown

A beach in Batam, Indonesia

A house in the Cotswolds and the path in front of our house (what it used to be, anyway. Now there are apartment blocks on both sides)

I’ve been wanting to get back to sketching for a while now, because work has been so busy that I want something to relieve the stress. The problem is, because I’m so busy, I just can’t seem to find the time to actually sit down and sketch. I guess I have to make the time instead of just telling myself “Next weekend…”

3 Comments on “Adventures In Sketching III”

  1. Mike says:

    Yeah, I hear ya Salazar. Work has been pretty crazy for me too. And mixed in with all of my “home duties”, I barely have a leg to stand on when it comes to doing art or even reading. That’s why my blog has been “dead” for the past few weeks. I hope to be able to do some art this weekend (fingers crossed). Seeing your wonderful works is inspiring me to want to get back into it!

    I especially like your last piece. My Japanese pen pal sent me a postcard she painted that looks very similar to yours. Great use of perspective and color here!

    And the one you did right above it sort of reminds me of one of mine, “Quiet Pond” I think I called it, that I did last April. It has a similar peaceful vibe. 🙂

    Keep it up Salazar! You’re doing great!
    Do you name your artwork?

  2. So lovely! It can be so hard to make time for ourselves, we’re always told how important it is to de-stress and live in the moment, but our lives are so fast-paced and busy it’s hard to find a quiet moment sometimes.

  3. […] the meantime, check out my friend, Salazar’s blog over on 14 Shades of Grey. She has some pretty awesome artwork! I particularly like her beach in Batam, Indonesia. […]

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