Monday Casual

Usually I don’t put a close-up first in a post, but is this the perfect Monday shirt or what? (I’m posting it on Wednesday, but I wore this on Monday.) The only downside is that I can only wear it Monday. And maybe late Sunday. Any other day and it would be like wearing a Christmas sweater in January.

Full disclosure: I actually got this shirt from the kid’s section of H&M while shopping for my niece. But it was on sale, it fits, and besides, the graphic is more suitable for an adult, right? Kids have no concept of Monday blues, do they? Or maybe they do now, I don’t know. They have pretty stressful lives these days, compared to when I was a kid.

5 Comments on “Monday Casual”

  1. Mike says:

    It seems like most kids today do have pretty stressful lives compared to when we were kids. Of course, we didn’t have the technology that kids have these days so maybe that’s a factor in their stress?

    Great shirt! You styled it nicely with the blazer jacket. For me, the phrase on the shirt would read, “when you realize the weekend has begun” as sometimes my weekends are more stressful than the weekdays!

  2. Hah, that is a great shirt though. I feel like the added pressure of having social media at super young ages probably factors into more stress for kids now. Or maybe it’s just like “oh man, school week!”

    I love how you styled this! That blazer is really cool on you.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That’s such a funny T-shirt. I guess we all react like that. LOL.

  4. Super cute!!! I remember as a kid, I had a grey sweatshirt with Garfield that said, “I hate Mondays.” And I looooooooved that sweater so much!

    • Mike says:

      Hahaha! I think I remember those kinds of shirts! Yeah, that’s probably one of Garfield’s most iconic phrases. 🙂 Did you ever watch the Garfield cartoons when you were little Jen?

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