SIA Inspiration: Melissa McCracken

It’s again my turn to pick the inspiration for SIA. After some debate, I decided on this painting:

It appears to be just a pretty abstract painting, doesn’t it? But this one is much more special. The artist, Melissa McCracken, has synesthesia, which is a neurological condition that mixes up your brain’s sensory responses, so you can “see” a smell or perceive that a number or a letter is of a certain gender (one of my classmates in college has this – to her the number 1 is male and number 2 is female, etc.).

Melissa McCracken’s form of synesthesia is known as chromesthesia, meaning she can see colors in sounds, so she translates her favorite songs into beautiful paintings. I find this fascinating, so of course I had to pick one for SIA. The one I ended up picking is for Iron and Wine’s “Boy with a Coin“, not only because it’s one of my favorite songs as well, but also because the painting itself is gorgeous. I have no idea how I’m going to translate this into an outfit yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

You can learn more about McCracken from this interview and see more of her paintings on her website. And don’t forget to send me your outfits by next Monday, August 14th. Have fun!

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