SIA Inspiration: Steel Wool

Thank the gods for SIA, because otherwise, I would have no content to post these days. I’m starting to think that I should run my blog according to the academic year and just put it on hiatus in the summer. Anyway, in the meantime, here’s this week SIA inspiration, courtesy of Jen:

This cool “steel wool” photo (so called because the sparkles were created using some steel wool; you can Google “steel wool photo” for tutorials if you’re interested in photography) is the work of a young Italian photographer Jen found on Pixabay. It’s simple but quite striking, and there are a lot of ways you can interpret it. Black and gold seems like a no-brainer, and Jen also suggests polka dots, which can be interesting. Just remember to send your outfits to Jen at by next Monday. Have fun!

3 Comments on “SIA Inspiration: Steel Wool”

  1. Mike says:

    Kinda like how I’m doing with mine as my posts have been pretty sparse too during the summer.
    Still, it’s always good to see when you do post, Salazar. 🙂

    Um, is it just me or is there something wrong with the image? It’s not showing up. It just says “Pixabay Free Images.

    I saw it on Jen’s and Erin’s blogs though and it looks pretty cool; sort of reminds me of the fireworks I just recently saw.

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