SIA: On The Road

It’s a late SIA round-up this week due to the Fourth of July (hope my US readers all had a fun and safe celebration), but here we are. As a reminder, this week’s inspiration is one of the “On the Road” GIFs by Chinese artist Oamul:

First, we have Jodie, her mom Charlotte, and her stepmom Nancy, from Jodie’s Touch of Style – three very different outfits, but each of them has some elements from the inspiration (love Jodie’s floral blazer!)

Next is my co-host, Jen, who not only found the perfect shirt dress to mimic the painting, with its Asian-inspired floral print, but also found the perfect backdrop with a blooming rhododendron bush:

My other co-host, Erin, chose to mimic the flower seller’s outfit rather than the entire piece, and she, too, found the perfect background at her local farmer’s market:

Like Erin, Mike opted for the more neutral look of the flower sellers. He wished he could’ve taken photos at the local community garden, but for now, these plants will do:

Kezzie has two submissions this week – one of herself and one of her husband (steathily snapped while he was sleeping because he wouldn’t keep still for a proper photo!) – both featuring awesome bicycle prints. How cute!


And finally, here’s me:

What a fun SIA with a lot of variety! Great job everyone, and remember to check back next week for a new inspiration courtesy of Jen!

7 Comments on “SIA: On The Road”

  1. Jodie says:

    I liked this SIA as it seemed like there was so much different inspiration from it! It’s always amazing to me how we can take the same photo and interpret differently!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Very cool round-up! So many interesting ways that we all went about in interpreting this awesome graphic! We all did a superb job!

    And nice cameo of Kezzie’s husband! Love the sunglasses!

    P.S. My 4th was pretty much the same as it is each year. Cooked most of the day and I traveled up to the top floor of my building in the evening to see the many fireworks displays happening across the county. Overall, not bad. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, I hope Kezzie’s husband forgives her for posting a sleeping photo of him on the Internet!

    Great job, everyone! I enjoy that Mike and I dressed very similarly and I love Jodi’s floral blazer, too.

  4. Fantastic round-up! And sooooo genius to wear bicycle-print items 😀

  5. Kezzie says:

    I love this selection! So many great looks! Jodie’s blazer is so pretty!
    Ha, Erin, my husband doesn’t know! 🙂
    And Mike, those are my sunglasses he is wearing as I put them on him to try and preserve his anonymity a bit more!

  6. What fun interpretations of a delightful inspiration piece!

  7. […] art on which this edition is based was ‘curated’ by another SIA regular, Salazar from 14 Shades of Gray.   Check it […]

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