I just want to let you guys know that posting will be a bit sporadic from now until the end of May. I will try to stick to a Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule. It’s finals time, which is always busy, plus this year I’m the thesis advisor for three graduating students on top of my usual classes, so I’ve got extra work to do. Yay.

Looking back at my archive, I realize I could always tell when my schedule was crazy, because that’s when my outfits start to lose colors and patterns – I think my brain can only handle so much. I’m afraid the next few outfits are going to be just as colorless and patternless as this one.

Another housekeeping thing: I’m going to do away with the “naming the brand” thing at the end of the post where I list each item in my outfit and what brand it’s from. There is no link and I’m not making any money from the blog, so who cares, right? If you guys want to know where a particular item is from, you can always shoot me a question in the comment.

2 Comments on “Blanked”

  1. Mike says:

    Best of luck with your extra duties, Salazar! Finals are never fun, neither for the students or for the teacher. I’ve never been on the other side of the desk as you have, but I could always tell when my professors were super stressed when this time of the year approached. Not fun stuff for both teacher and student…

    Do what you need to do, Salazar. Almost there!

  2. I care, I’ve always liked reading the tags! That doesn’t mean you’re obligated to continue using them, of course.

    I’ve realized that what I’m most interested in is the source of people’s clothes rather than the specific brand. Sometimes the brand is the same as the source, like buying new from Express or Ann Taylor. Then there are stores that sell various labels (Nordstrom, Amazon, Target). Used clothing is a huge category, like thrift shops, hand-me-downs, clothing swaps with friends, garage sales. Other sources include gifts, sponsorships, prize winnings, homemade, finding something so old in the back of a closet you don’t even remember where it’s from anymore.

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