SIA Inspiration: Jogakbo

No, “jogakbo” is not the name of a new, up-and-coming artist. Rather, it’s the name for this type of Korean patchwork cloth, which Jen chose for our SIA inspiration this week:

Like the Japanese furoshiki, the Koreans also have a type of cloth used specifically for wrapping clothes, food, gifts and other things called “bojagi“, and “jogakbo” (or “chogakbo”) refers to the type of patchwork bojagi made from scrap fabrics (“jogakbo” can also mean the patchwork technique itself).

Now, this one has a lot of fun colors to choose from, so I’m thinking some color blocking is in order. The great thing is that you don’t have to include them all; you can simply pick any combination of colors that you like. Just remember to send your outfit to Jen ( by next Monday, April 24th!


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