Tattooed Cats

One of the things I love about SIA is that it inspires me to put together outfits that I’d never come up with otherwise. Takes this outfit, for example – I would never decide to pair these particular items together, but now that I did, I was quite happy with it. It has a vaguely 80’s feel (I think it’s the combination of the high-waisted pants and the shoulder pads on my jacket), but I like it. And of course, it’s perfect for this week’s SIA, inspired by the Monmon Cats painting of Kuazaki Horitomo.

I wanted to get my cats in the photos – they happen to look quite similar to the two cats in the painting, one is a tabby and the other a tortoiseshell – but when I took these photos, they were having breakfast so I didn’t want to interrupt them. At least the cat on my jacket is not running anywhere 🙂

The full round-up will be posted tomorrow, so remember to drop by!

Top: Mango, Pants: Topshop, Jacket: tailor, Heels: Zara, Brooch: local shop

3 Comments on “Tattooed Cats”

  1. Mike says:

    A great look for you, Salazar! And a great interpretation for the painting that you chose. I love how you included a bit of red in your outfit (your shoes) that equals the small amount of red seen in the art.

    I’m also happy to see that you went with a striped shirt as well and matches the stripes in the painting more so than my shirt. Great job!

    See you at the round-up!

  2. Kezzie says:

    This is a brillliant look! I LOVE those trousers (and now want some!)x

  3. So cute, especially with your red flats and that awesome cat brooch!

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