SIA: Sing Street

We have a very small group of just the hosts today, so it’ll be quick. It seems every time I curated an SIA challenge while traveling, the number of participants went down, even though I still tried to post as regularly as I could. Ladies, you know I can still receive and post your submissions, right? Maybe it has nothing to do with my traveling; maybe it’s just the inspirations that I happened to pick while I was traveling were more difficult to interpret than usual.

Not that I’m complaining, because the two outfits from Jen and Erin are great. And just as a reminder, our inspiration this week is the poster for “Sing Street” (by the way, did any of you catch the Oscars on Sunday? What the fuck.)


First up is Jen, who not only found the perfect colorful scarf, but also the perfect background for her outfit:

 Erin also found the perfect backdrop, and kept the rest of her outfit casual and comfy – a win in my book:

And finally, here’s tiny me against the skyline of Singapore:

black shirt black pants green scarf plaid sneakers by 14 shades of grey

I guess this SIA is all about the backgrounds, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s been fun. Remember to check back next Monday for the next inspiration!

One Comment on “SIA: Sing Street”

  1. A small group, yes, but we all did an awesome job, especially with creative backdrops! 🙂

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