Happy Hogswatch

striped top leather jacket maroon jeans chelsea boots by 14 shades of grey

I think black heels would look better with this outfit, but the weather has cooled down (just in time for Christmas), so I went with my Chelsea boots instead. Comfort over fashion, every time.

striped top leather jacket by 14 shades of greyleather jacket maroon jeans chelsea boots by 14 shades of grey

And yes, Christmas is here, isn’t it? Somehow this year I can’t seem to bring up any enthusiasm for it. I’ve been too busy to go out and enjoy the atmosphere, my entire family has been too busy (we don’t even have any decoration up in our Christmas corner, just a sad branch of spruce with a green bow on it!), plus the weather has been too warm to feel like real Christmas. I guess I have to watch and read Hogfather again to get into the Christmas, or rather, the Hogswatch spirit. It’s doubly appropriate since we don’t really celebrate Christmas anyway.

So here, in lieu of a “Merry Christmas”…

 Sweatshirt: Earth Music & Ecology, Jacket: Zara, Jeans: Pull&Bear, Boots: Din Sko


One Comment on “Happy Hogswatch”

  1. Mike says:

    Hey, I hear you Salazar. Even though Christmas is just around the corner for us, I haven’t been able to really conjure up any sort of enthusiasm or excitement for it either this year for some reason. I think between being super busy (and super grumpy at times), I just can’t feel the same excitement for it this year, though I’m trying to.
    At least we get a long weekend here because Christmas falls on Sunday this year so I’m happy about that.
    And on a good note (depends on how one defines the word “good”) I’ve been totally geeking out the last few days and have been watching one of my favorite animes on YouTube and re-watching episodes of “Timeless” on DVD (have to wait for the new season to start in January). So I got plenty to look forward to.

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