SIA: Edward Hopper 3.0

For the final SIA challenge of 2016, Jen picked “Railroad Sunset” by Edward Hopper:

This is, I believe, the third time we’ve featured Edward Hopper on SIA (!) Jen picked this for its blend of bright colors and dark neutrals; plus, she started SIA in 2016 with a painting of a sunrise, so for her to end it with a sunset is just appropriate.

Remember to send your outfits to Jen ( by next Monday, December 12, to be included in the round-up. Enjoy!

One Comment on “SIA: Edward Hopper 3.0”

  1. Mike says:

    YES!! An Edward Hopper piece! You know how much I love his work and it is because of Hopper that I’ve come to know you and eventually the others a few years back.

    The symbolism is quite appropriate; I agree. It’s a sunset so it sort of brings closure to the SIA challenges for the year. It reminds me of the many sunsets I’ve seen on a clear evening and have been inspired by some to make postcard art.

    Can’t wait to see what we all come up with for this one!

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