The Netherlands Diary #3: Kinderdijk & Giethoorn

Like I said in my Rotterdam post, I combined my visit to Rotterdam with a visit to the Kinderdijk windmills. These are the windmills that come up on every image search engine when you type in “Holland” or “the Netherlands” (I never remembered to ask the difference between the two names while I was there, by the way). Kinderdijk is about 30 minutes away from Rotterdam by waterbus, and once you reach the village, you can buy a ticket to go inside two of the mills to see how they work and how people lived in them back in the day (or you can walk around for free!) Just remember to get back in time because the last waterbus leaves at 4 PM.  We didn’t get there until 2PM, and it was so nice to walk there with the sound of the water and the wind on your face that my friend and I had to run the last bit of the way. We made it back to the dock just as the waterbus was pulling up!

The interior of a mill

While I was in Amsterdam, I took a day trip to another village – Giethoorn, about 1.5 hours’ drive from Amsterdam. It recently gained some fame as “Venice of the Netherlands” after a post about it appeared on Bored Panda, so my friends and I decided we should visit it now before it became full of tourists. The village is best known for having no road (actually, there are some footpaths and bike paths) and only fully accessible by boats, so we drove up, rented a boat, and spent an hour going around. The village itself is tiny and most of our one hour was spent on the open river, so unless you want to fish or sail, I’d say one hour is all you need. It’s gorgeous though – as you can clearly see:

Afterward, we walked around on some of the public paths, fantasized about which house we would buy (there were a lot of them on sale!), and I tried another Dutch dish – bitterballen, or ground meat rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It tasted very good (well, anything deep-fried would taste good) even though I couldn’t figure out what the inside is.

My mysterious but delicious bitterballen (actually I think they’re called kroketten. Bitterballen are the bite-sized version)

If we had more time, I would’ve loved to stay longer and rented a bike to explore the countryside, but alas, we didn’t. Well, life can’t always be perfect, can it?

One Comment on “The Netherlands Diary #3: Kinderdijk & Giethoorn”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh wow, that village is SO beautiful! I love the windmills- they are just so picturesque!!!

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