Iceland Diary #6: Reykjavik

We finished our Iceland road trip with a visit to the capital, Reykjavik. After the epic previous five days, it was a bit anticlimactic to come back to Reykjavik, I have to admit. Not that Reykjavik is not great, but it’s merely cute in a hipster kind of way, and that cannot compare with the awesome countryside surrounding it.

Still, that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. The museums were all closed for the holiday, and some of the shops too (I was disappointed, because I had planned on shopping at the Red Cross thrift store), but we spent an enjoyable day walking around, climbing on top of Hallgrímskirkja, gawking at Harpa concert hall, and looking at all the amazing street art.

The photo that everybody got – the view of Reykjavik from top of Hallgrímskirkja

angel street art

So. Much. Street Art!!!


The interior of Harpa is insane. I don’t even know which way is up in these photos

View of the harbor from Harpa

The Pond, next to City Hall

Then, at dinnertime, it being our last day and all, I suggested we splurged a bit and went out to eat instead of going back to the hostel to cook. We went to Cafe Babalú, a quirky place with awesomely kitschy decorations (they have Star Wars stickers in the bathroom). We had lamb soup and, for me, a giant slice of Nutella cheesecake for dessert. It may have cost half a week’s worth of grocery, but man, it was so satisfying to have some an actual meal instead of random combinations of food.

Cafe Babalú, inside and out

Finally, it was time to say goodbye – my Amsterdam friends and I were going back to the Netherlands early the next morning, and Debbi back to the US – but we all agreed that it was an unforgettable trip, and were already planning our return. Maybe some time in the winter, to catch the Northern Lights? We’ll see.


6 Comments on “Iceland Diary #6: Reykjavik”

  1. TTYano says:

    I like 8th photo. You have beautiful wings.

  2. Mike says:

    Awesome pics Salazar. That picture of the Harpa concert hall is amazing; Prodigious you could even say! And the inside that you took a picture of is insane! I must admit that I’ve never seen “cubic windows” (my personal name for them) before. This architecture would knock the socks off of Frank Gehry even (who’s stuff I think is pretty good, some of it).
    What’s that second picture that you took? It looks like a church of some kind as I see the cross at the very top. It’s an interesting design.

    And I love your “wings” in your one picture! Did you know at the time that your jacket was the same color as the highlights of the wings? It makes for a great photo!

    And to top your trip off, you end it with a great sounding dinner and cheesecake dessert. A perfect ending.

  3. Kezzie says:

    For some reason, I thought the concert hall was called ‘The pearl’ or something like that, but maybe that’s the radio station? The Harpa is aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!!!!! And all the beautiful street art is wonderful. When I went to Rekjavik, it was February and Winter and it was snowing heavily so I didn’t see all this as everything is more monochrome in Snow and you didnt hang about outside!!

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