SIA: Girls With The Pearl Earrings

Welcome to another round of SIA! I’m currently in Iceland (hurray!!!), but in the meantime, please enjoy these lovely sartorial interpretations of Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with the Pearl Earring“:

First up is Jen, who paired yellow with a denim skirt to mimic the painting’s colors. She even took photos in front of her new house’s archway to create a “frame” for her outfit:

Erin said she had some difficulties photographing this outfit, but I’m glad she managed to, because it’s lovely, don’t you think?

Finally, here’s me – like I said, I didn’t pack anything yellow, so this wasn’t an accurate imitation of the painting, more like a loose interpretation. Also, it was too crowded in the room and I was too shy to take my photo in there, so here’s some shots of the painting in person and one of me by the sign outside:

blue jeans trench coat head scarf by 14 shades of grey

See you guys next week for Jen’s inspiration! I hope she picks something simple and neutral (hint, hint, Jen :P) so I can actually participate – it’ll give me an excuse taking outfit photos against all the lovely backdrops here.

3 Comments on “SIA: Girls With The Pearl Earrings”

  1. TTYano says:

    Was this in Hague?

  2. […] had chosen this painting before Salazar requested an SIA artwork with neutral colors, but I’m glad that my choice accommodates Salazar’s wardrobe while traveling! There are […]

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