Where I’ve Been #4: Poland, Summer 2008

Welcome to Travel Month on 14 Shades of Grey! While I’m off to Europe, please enjoy these posts about travels I’ve done in the past.

I didn’t have any travel plan for my summer vacation in 2008, but when my dad had some work traveling in Germany that August, we decided to take a spontaneous family Euro trip. Our “home base” was, naturally, Greifswald. We have relatives living in Warsaw, so one weekend, we took the train from Germany to Poland to visit them. I didn’t remember much about Warsaw since we only had one night and half a day there and most of that time was spent hanging out with our cousins, but we did get to walk around the old town at night and visit Wilanow Palace.

warsaw at night

warsaw at nightThe Market Square of Warsaw’s old town

warsaw palace

warsaw palaceWilanow Palace

The next day, we drove to Krakow to visit the famous Wieliczka salt mine. I wish I had taken photos of the drive, because it was gorgeous – all lush and green rolling hills, dotted with little towns or villages in the distance. We took a guided tour into the mine, which was fascinating (my crappy point-and-shoot photos didn’t do it justice). There were displays of old salt mining equipment, and carvings and statues and entire chapels made out of rock salt (I sneaked a taste!) Afterward, we had lunch in the cutest restaurant set up like a farmhouse, and dropped by Wawel Castle (we just walked around in the courtyard since we didn’t have time to visit the museum) before driving back to Warsaw and catching the night train back to Greifswald.

krakow salt mineThe entrance to the mine

krakow salt mine

krakow salt mine

krakow salt mineThese are all made out of rock salt – including the chandeliers

wawel castleWawel Castle

wawel castle performerThere was some sort of performance in the castle courtyard when we arrived

wawel castle

I didn’t see as much of Poland as I would’ve liked, but I definitely would like to go back one day.

One Comment on “Where I’ve Been #4: Poland, Summer 2008”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I’d like to visit Poland. The salt mines sound good.. There are some great ones in Salzburg too!!!

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