SIA Inspiration: Ubuhle Beadwork

Happy Fourth of July, my US readers! It’s another week of SIA, and for inspiration, Erin chose this gorgeous piece of beadwork by the women of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa:


Isn’t that amazing? Titled “My Sea, My Sister, My Tears”, it’s part of an exhibition around the US called Ubuhle Women: Beadwork and the Art of Independence (Ubuhle means “beauty”), which is quite appropriate for Independence Day. You can find out more about the exhibition here, and more about Ubuhle Beads here.

I’m leaving for Europe soon, but I can certainly recreate this painting with the content of my suitcase. As for you guys, remember to send Erin ( your outfits by next Monday, July 11th. Have fun!


One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Ubuhle Beadwork”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Salazar! Always appreciate it when you acknowledge our holidays here. 🙂

    This is such a beautiful piece. I was just on Erin’s blog and I mentioned that it reminded me of a churning sea and that was before I even learned what the title was! Guess my interpretation of it was pretty accurate, sort of!

    I think that this is very appropriate for Independence Day. I can’t wait to implement this one into an outfit as I have my fair share of blues and greys in my closet.

    We’ll miss seeing your participation in the SIAs while on your trip Salazar but you more than deserve to treat yourself to something nice. Have fun and don’t forget to snap some pics of the Netherlands and Iceland landscape!

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