Pants On Fire

white sleeveless top black pants red heels by 14 shades of grey

If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while, then you may have noticed that I rarely wear dresses and skirts, or even shorts, in the summer. In fact, the hotter it is, the more likely I am to reach for pants. That’s because I find that pants are a lot more cooler – even black ones, like these. With skirts and dresses, I’d always have to wear bike shorts underneath, and that’s just another layer I don’t want to be dealing with. Plus, they help to keep the bugs out too – always a must in our tropical climate.

Of course, I’ve always been more of a jeans kind of girl, but that’s neither here nor there.

Oh and, since I’m wearing red, white, and blue, consider this an early Fourth of July outfit too.

white sleeveless top black pants by 14 shades of greywhite sleeveless top blue necklace by 14 shades of grey

black pants red heels by 14 shades of grey

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3 Comments on “Pants On Fire”

  1. Mike says:

    Hooray for long pants! I never liked shorts (well, I think I once did a long ago before I became self conscious about my legs and the fact that they actually make me look shorter than I already am) and even on the hottest of days, it’s been long pants all the way with me. My family will even sometimes tease me because I’ll be the only one who doesn’t wear shorts in the summer. But if I like it, then who else should care?

    And great start for a 4th of July look! I can’t believe that it’s already here.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This look is o cute. I love the red shoes with the black and white. So chic. Just the right pop of color

  3. Infoélla says:

    I’m with you! I’m a pants kinda girl too! This is a cute outfit! Have a great fourth of July! 🙂

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