white eyelet top navy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of grey

I wore this to see Captain America: Civil War last weekend (yes, we got it a week earlier than the US, neener-neener) and as you can see from my red, white, and blue outfit, I’m firmly on #teamcap. As for the movie, I certainly enjoyed it more than the mess that is Age of Ultron, but it definitely suffers from the “too many superheroes” problem. I could have done without Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and War Machine (Falcon is awesome, and Ant-Man and the new Spider-Man are funny, so I’ll let them slide, even though I am so fed up with yet another Spidey, and Black Panther is pretty important to the plot so he can stay too.) On the other hand, I could have done with more Black Widow, who is criminally underused here. But then again, everything could have done with more Black Widow.

white eyelet top navy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of greywhite eyelet top navy pants by 14 shades of grey

white eyelet top red flower brooch by 14 shades of greynavy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of grey

Top & Pants: Mango, Sandals: Aldo, Brooch: vintage

2 Comments on “#TeamCap”

  1. Mike says:

    Oh, I get it now. “TeamCap” as in you’re rooting for Capt. America from the movie “Civil War”. Nice way to put it!

    And I kind of figured that you would mention the movie as I know that it came out a week there before it hit theaters here (not fair! ~ just kidding!).

    Thanks for the heads up on what to expect in it. And we talked about Spiderman yesterday and how he’s going to be in this movie, so that’ll be cool. He’s the Marvel character I think I know the most about so I’m happy to hear that.

    And thanks again for your explanation in regards to my question, Salazar. Appreciate your help always. Yeah, the more that I think about it, I’m liking these movies a lot more as there is a kind “light hearted”, humorous feel in the Marvel movies as opposed to DC, which can be pretty dark and depressing at times. The cartoons are fine (which is how I got into DC in the first place) but outside of that, the DC movies that I have seen are pretty dark, especially Batman.

    Anyway, if I go see “Civil War”, I’ll let you know what I think of it!

  2. Ahh, I think I’m going to go see it tomorrow! #teamcap forevs.

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