Breaking Cat News

I tend not to devote an entire post to something that is not an outfit or book/movie/TV review, but something happened over the weekend that I really had to share.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll probably remember that we have two cats, a gray tabby (the Mama Cat) and her daughter, a calico (Kitty – we don’t actually name our cats so that’s just how we tell them apart). Mama Cat is a lazy goofball who spends her day sleeping and eating, while Kitty is more skittish and active. We also have a dog. Now, about a month ago, the dog gave birth to four puppies. It was her first litter, and she got a bit overprotective. And on that very same day, Kitty disappeared.

She’s never been much of a “stay at home” cat so we weren’t too worried at first, but as days stretched into weeks and there was no sign of her, we figured she got scared of the dog and ran off, and something might have happened to her. Sadly, stray dogs and cats don’t stand much of a chance to survive around here, so there’s not much we can do.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I heard a cat mewing on our roof and saw a flash that looked like her, but it was dark and I couldn’t be sure. We left out some food in case she came back, but the food was untouched, so I thought I was mistaken, or she just didn’t want to come home.

Then, just this past Friday, I heard mewing on the roof again (it was more like caterwauling), and this time I saw clearly that it was her! We managed to lure her back into the house with food and put her in a cage. She didn’t like the cage though, so I let her out, and she’s been home ever since. Mama Cat hasn’t let her out of her sight (truth be told, I haven’t either), but it looks like she’s happy to stay home now, as if nothing has happened! What amazes me is that she looks perfectly fine for a cat that has ran away for five weeks. God knows where she’s been and how she’s managed to survive. I’m just glad she’s returned safely.

kitty by 14 shades of grey

P/S: I stole the title of the post from Breaking Cat News, an adorable bi-weekly web comic about the adventures of three reporter cats. You guys should really check it out.

3 Comments on “Breaking Cat News”

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, Salazar! What an amazing ending to what started to be a very tragic and sad story. I’m so glad that Kitty returned safely to you and appears to be unharmed.
    She must have been on quite an adventure to be gone for 5 straight weeks like that. She doesn’t sound like the alley cat type so it makes me wonder how she made it for so long?
    Pets are something else, aren’t they?

    Well I’m glad that she made it back home safely and appears to be doing well.
    And congratulations on your dog’s birthing of four pups! Definitely makes for a perfect way to start your weekend; Kitty has returned safely and you have 4 new pups born!

    Happy Friday!

    P.S. I’ll have to check that comic out!

  2. Nice the cat is back home.

  3. I’m so glad your cat came home! One time one of our cats got badly hurt (I can’t remember if he was attacked or just got very sick), and after we thought he was dead after laying motionless in a corner in a stable for a day, he “came back to life,” only to disappear a few days later. I can’t recall exactly how long he was gone (this was years and years ago), but it was probably more than a month, and as he’d been severely hurt when he left, we had long given him up when he appeared suddenly at our house one day, limping and craving attention. What a happy day! Anyway – I totally can sympathize!

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