Size Does Matter

striped top polka dot scarf blue jeans brown oxfords by 14 shades of grey

… in terms of proportions, that is. Take this outfit, for example. I was trying for that French look with the striped shirt and the scarf, you know. Unfortunately the scarf I selected is a bit too big, so it doesn’t look effortless and more like I had to shove my scarf out of the way to stop it from choking me.

But you know what, it’s Friday, I’m tired, and this gloomy, muggy weather is positively pissing me off, so I don’t care. I’m off to binge-watch Daredevil now (the second season was out in March, but I haven’t been able to catch up.)

striped top polka dot scarf blue jeans by 14 shades of greystriped top polka dot scarf blue jeans brown oxfords by 14 shades of grey

blue jeans brown oxfords by 14 shades of greyDSC_6812

Top: Forever21, Jeans: H&M, Scarf: hand-me-down, Oxfords: Vagabond

3 Comments on “Size Does Matter”

  1. Mike says:

    Way to say it, Salazar! Man, it sucks that your weather, well, sucks. Hopefully it will get better as we move through April. It’s finally starting to look (and feel) like spring here so I have no complaints about our weather (for now). April can still throw us something weird before it’s over.

    Well, enjoy “Daredevil”. I may have to check him out sometime. He looks cool. I sometimes see the comic books as I’m filing books away (not as much now since I’m in the children’s dept. and Daredevil is more suited for teens) but I still like to browse around from time to time in the teen area.

    I’ve been binge-watching “Batman the Animated Series”, as you know for the last few weeks and I can’t get over how corny some of them are, especially the ones with the Riddler (one of my favorite DC villains). Some of these I haven’t see in years but watching them now reminds me of how I got into Batman in the first place. Others, it’s like, “Meh”.

    Enjoy your weekend! And your scarf goes great with your stripped shirt by the way! Love the juxtaposition of the two patterns. 🙂

    • Salazar says:

      I hope you do check out Daredevil (the first season is amazing, the second season less so but still very good). And whatever you do, please don’t go near the movie with Ben Affleck.

  2. It’s harder to find small square scarves nowadays! It’s still a cute look 🙂

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