hot air balloon shirt white skirt brown heeled loafers by 14 shades of grey

I had this post all lined up and ready to go, when I happened to check my archives and realized I’ve worn this exact outfit before. Just with different shoes (and a belt). Oops. But hey, we all repeat outfits all the time, so what’s the harm, right? Besides, I think I like this version better. The brown of the shoes goes better with the skirt.

But the repetition is understandable, because this skirt is kind of awkward. I didn’t mean it’s awkward to style. No, it’s more like it only fits a very awkward kind of weather. It’s made of heavy tweed-like material, so I can’t wear it in warm weather. And then in the winter I have a hard time styling it too, because it’s difficult finding a pair of tights to go with it (other than black, that is.) That means I could only wear it during these in-between times, when it’s still cool enough for a heavy skirt but warm enough for bare legs.

So I guess… I did mean this skirt is awkward to style after all?

hot air balloon shirt white skirt by 14 shades of greywhite skirt brown heeled loafers by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zalora, Shoes: local shop

One Comment on “Oops”

  1. Mike says:

    As always, it is a great look for you. And you can never go wrong with repeat outfits. Think of it as a way of looking awesome twice as much!

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