Spring Uniform

striped shirt blue jeans black flats trench coat by 14 shades of grey

Is it me, or is March the longest month ever? I have been ready for it to be over for two weeks now. Maybe it’s because I’m always extra-busy in March. So much so that I’ve missed yet another blog anniversary – that’s right, the blog is 5 years old now! Hooray!

And also, because I’ve been extra-busy, I’m keeping things simple. This outfit is nothing special, but I’ve been wearing versions of it on days when I can’t be bother to think about clothes. It’s comfy, relatively put-together, and, dare I say it, a bit chic too, so it’s a winner.

striped shirt trench coat by 14 shades of greystriped shirt blue jeans black flats trench coat by 14 shades of grey

Top: Old Navy, Jeans: Sneak Peak, Flats: Vagabond, Coat: Mango


2 Comments on “Spring Uniform”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s so funny that you said that, Salazar. I’ve always thought of March as being one of the longest months out of the year too. Well that and August. It’s like an extra day is added or something. I think also because there are fewer birthdays in March of people that I know. At least in August, there’s your birthday and a few other friends’ birthdays to look forward to.

    I think also because the weather’s so funky here and the transition from winter to spring is so slow. The trees haven’t really started budding yet, and it still has that “cold” bite in the wind to remind you that winter isn’t quite done with us yet. Oh well…

    And hey! Congrats on your blog’s 5 year anniversary! Yay! Wow… that’s a long time to do anything. You’re doing a great job with it and I have to say that I’m enjoying my time here. I’ve learned so much about books and art and have even established a little fashion sense myself (clap, clap, clap, clap). It’s what I look forward to in the mornings before my busy work day begins. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I like the look

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