mint shirt dragonfly brooch by 14 shades of grey

I admit, I picked this week’s SIA inspiration – the “Dragonfly Lady” brooch by René Lalique – mainly because I have this dragonfly brooch. But then again I bought this brooch because it reminds me of the Lalique brooch in the first place (you can see how it clearly copies the design of the wings and the body from the Lalique brooch), so it’s come full circle.

As for the rest of the outfit, it came together pretty quickly for me – mint (with a hint of gold), black, and my green cut-out heels to mimic the intricacy of the brooch. Done and done.

mint shirt black midi skirt by 14 shades of greymint shirt black midi skirt green heels by 14 shades of grey

black midi skirt green heels by 14 shades of greymint shirt by 14 shades of grey

The full round-up post with other interpretations will be up tomorrow so remember to drop by!

Shirt: Mango, Skirt & Shoes: thrifted, Brooch: Bijou Brigitte

5 Comments on “Dragonfly”

  1. YES, simply perfect for your SIA choice! Happy sigh 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    A great outfit choice for this SIA Salazar. Your dragonfly brooch is nearly identical to the actual (ornament is it?) seen here. Great job!

  3. Mica says:

    Your dragonfly brooch is beautiful! I love it with the pastel shirt too 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. btrflygl says:

    OMG I LOVE that pin. May need to go on the hunt for my new denim jacket….

  5. theclassyjunk says:

    I think this is my favorite outfit of yours ever! I’m drooling over the drape of both the skirt and blouse. Elegant perfection.

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