Blue Sunrise

chambray shirt striped sweatshirt blue jeans blue oxfords by 14 shades of grey

When I saw this week’s SIA inspiration, “Sunrise” by Georgia O’Keeffe, I knew it was going to be a tough one because it’s mostly pink and red, and I don’t have much of either in my wardrobe. So I decided to take the monochromatic look of the painting and adapt it to my wardrobe, which means lots and lots of blue. I took it one step further and echoed the curves in the painting in my striped sweatshirt and socks (I should get some more fun socks!), and in my necklace as well. I even Photoshop the hue of the painting from pink to blue to see how accurate my outfit is – and as you can see, I’m not far off. And that’s the fun of SIA – you can interpret a painting any way you want.


Remember to check Jen’s blog tomorrow for other outfits inspired by this painting!

chambray shirt striped sweatshirt blue jeans blue oxfords by 14 shades of grey chambray shirt striped sweatshirt blue jeans by 14 shades of grey

DSC_5478 (2)DSC_5479 (2)

Chambray shirt: thrifted, Sweatshirt: Forever21, Jeans: Mango, Oxfords: Max Dorian, Necklace: local shop

4 Comments on “Blue Sunrise”

  1. Mike says:

    Oooh, awesome Salazar! I LOVE your Photoshop idea! And you’re right. The hues in your outfit are very close to the ones in the “Photoshopped” version that you did. Excellent idea!

    Well, as you probably know, I too had quite a bit of a challenge with this one because most of the time, I look like a black and white photo (or a mime) and I don’t have a ton of color (2016 New Year’s resolution: wear more color! Maybe.). But I was able to pull this one off, as you will see tomorrow in the round-up. And there was one extra special element that was included that wasn’t part of my original plan. 😉 And like you said, the fun of SIA (as I’m finding out the more that I participate) is that you can interpret the art however you want. And in my case, I use whatever I have that works.

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  3. I adore your look with the blues and hints of beige and red brought in. You have a simple and classic style!

  4. […] starting at the beginning of the year, we have Georgia O’ Keeffe’s “Sunrise“, picked by Jen. My interpretation was a little unconventional, but that’s why I like […]

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