Weekly Capsule 52.2: Random

pink sweatshirt green plaid shirt black oxfords by 14 shades of grey

Welcome to the purgatory that is the time between Christmas and New Year. It’s weird, isn’t it? Everybody is in the holiday spirit but you still have to work for another week before the New Year. It’s a bit less weird for us because our big winter holiday is the Lunar New Year, which is in two months, but there is still a distinctly… half-hearted feel in the air. My cat brooch is meant to reflect that – we’re all feeling a bit lazy now, aren’t we?

Anyway, this is something I’d planned for Christmas, but it was too cold last week. Pink and green isn’t a combo I usually associate with Christmas, until I saw this on Kendi and thought it would be fun to try. It’s a bit random, but somehow a leftover Christmas outfit is perfect for this week.

pink sweatshirt green plaid shirt by 14 shades of greypink sweatshirt green plaid shirt black oxfords by 14 shades of grey

pink sweatshirt green plaid shirt black oxfords by 14 shades of greypink sweatshirt cat brooch by 14 shades of grey

Sweatshirt: Zalora, Pants & Brooch: local shops, Oxfords: Vagabond

4 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 52.2: Random”

  1. Mike says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean Salazar. It’s like a feeling of melancholy when Christmas is over, but New Year’s hasn’t arrived yet. People still have their decorations up here (we keep ours up through New Year’s Day) but even with all the Christmas lights and tinsel still up, it doesn’t have the same appeal as it did just days before Christmas. The Christmas music has stopped airing on the radio, though I still listen to some of my favorites on my music player for a few more days after Christmas. And though I’m not complaining too much, we haven’t seen much snow here lately, which only further adds to that feeling that Christmas is over. Winter will come soon enough for us, as it usually does, but for now, I’m enjoying the warm December weather.

    I’d like to hear more about the Lunar New Year. I haven’t heard about that holiday.

    Pink and green work good too. It’s sort of a reflection of Christmas without it really looking like Christmas. A perfect look for this in between, purgatory time. 🙂

  2. Kezzie says:

    I do know what you mean about that period between the two, but I love it- justification for sitting around!!! Your cat is adorable! I got some really nice brooches for Christmas from people- am wearing a message in a bottle today!x

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