Inspired By Marvel’s Ladies #1: Peggy Carter

navy dress black heels pink belt by 14 shades of grey

I’m doing something a bit different with the capsule this week. For one thing, it’s not really a “capsule” – I do re-wear a few things, but this capsule is connected by a theme rather than by the clothes. And that theme is outfits inspired by the female characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not costume or cosplay (it’s not Halloween, after all), just “inspired”.

It’s random, I know, but there are two reasons behind this. One, I just finished Jessica Jones and holy shit, what an amazing show. I’ll get to it (and Jessica’s style) in a later post. Two, this dress. For a while now I’ve been looking for a solid-colored dress, and finally, I decided it’s easier to get one made, rather than buy it. The design is based on this Modcloth dress, but I picked navy because I think it would be more wearable. As I picked it up from the tailor’s, I realized it wouldn’t look out of place on Agent Carter – both the show and the character herself. Since we had a brief warm spell, I figured I would wear it now. But I also wanted to dress like Jessica Jones, when it gets cold again. And thus a theme is born.

navy dress pink belt by 14 shades of grey
All I need are curls, red lipstick, and a gun

TL;DR: having just finished Jessica Jones + getting a new 1940’s dress that reminds me of Agent Carter = let’s dress like the ladies of MCU for a week!

navy dress pink belt by 14 shades of greynavy dress black heels pink belt by 14 shades of grey

navy dress black heels by 14 shades of greynavy dress red flower brooch by 14 shades of grey

Dress: tailor, Belt: thrifted, Shoes: Esprit (hand-me-down), Brooch: vintage

6 Comments on “Inspired By Marvel’s Ladies #1: Peggy Carter”

  1. Mike says:

    This is pretty amazing Salazar. I must admit that I never heard of Jessica Jones before reading your post (but then again, I’m not much of a Marvel’s fan either). But after doing a quick Google search on her, I think I’ll become a quick fan of hers because she seems pretty amazing. I like to see more female characters taking the stand, because they are usually overshadowed by their male counterparts. I’m currently into the new series “Supergirl” aired on Monday nights here on CBS, played by Melissa Benoist. And so far, I like it. I like the fact that although they sometimes make reference to Superman, they never really show his face (usually just a silhouette of him) and just focus on Kara (Supergirl) as the main character (because it’s her show!). And I admit that when I first saw your post, before reading what it said, I first thought that your outfit was inspired by Supergirl rather than Jessica Jones. The color scheme is virtually the same, as there is no yellow in this version of Supergirl (or at least not as noticeable as in some versions).

    Great inspiration! And as you said, there is a difference between being inspired by a look and wearing a costume or cosplaying. I inspire some of my outfits from certain characters from TV shows at times and when I tell people this, they say something like, “oh, so you’re cosplaying as…”
    All I can do is sigh and shake my head…

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about the show “Jessica Jones” in your future posts.

    Also, I want to say how awesome it is that you had your dress tailored as opposed to just buying it. Tailored suits and dresses don’t seem to be as common these days as they used to be. At least I don’t hear many people talking about them. It looks very nice Salazar and a great addition to your closet.

    • Salazar says:

      I’ve heard good things about “Supergirl”. Though it may be a little too family-friendly for my taste, I’m sure it’s entertaining, and like you said, it’s great to see more female characters (esp. female superheroes) having their own shows.

      • Mike says:

        Yes, it is good and I’m really getting into it (and that’s saying something because I’m not a big TV person). While it’s certainly not Hallmark material, there’s not a lot of controversial themes in there either, ones that I wouldn’t care too much for (like some of the sitcoms that are on these days). But I am starting to worry that they may try to bring in some sort of love triangle (which I don’t like) between Supergirl and two other characters that I’m starting to see. I really hope that it doesn’t travel down that typical “clichéd” path. A little romance is okay, but I don’t want that to take away from what the show is really about.

  2. I saw a thumbnail of your outfit, and I totally said, “Hey, that looks like Agent Carter!” (Or as I always pronounce it, “Cah-ter,” because of her British accent.) And lo and behold! Love that ’40s silhouette, which was classically feminine and also strong.

  3. momofdox says:

    What a super-fun idea for a wardrobe capsule! (Pun intended. 😉 )

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