Weekly Capsule 45.4: Hipster Commuter

polka dot chambray shirt plaid scarf blue jeans brown boots by 14 shades of grey

I’m luckier than most in that I don’t have to commute to work – 30 minutes every day on a bike doesn’t count as “commute”. But once a week I do have to take the bus downtown to teach my workshop class, and I’m telling you, that is a trip and a half. At 1 hour 15 minutes one way, it seems breezy compared to my 2.5 hour back in LA for my internship, but in LA hardly anyone takes public transport, so my commute was actually relaxing. Here the bus is usually stuffed full of students, and the traffic is crazy. The only good thing is that the constant traffic jams give me a lot of time to read.

Anyway, I wore this for that workshop last week, and when I put on my glasses for reading on the bus, it suddenly struck me that it was such a hipster outfit. Isn’t it? The pattern mixing, the giant scarf, the boots… top it off with a pair of black-rimmed glasses and it wouldn’t feel out of place on Socality Barbie.

polka dot chambray shirt plaid scarf blue jeans by 14 shades of greypolplaid scarf blue jeans brown boots by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Mango, Scarf: Candie’s, Boots: hand-me-down

My looks this week:

gray lace sweatshirt blue jeans brown ankle boots by 14 shades of greygray sweatshirt black skirt black heels by 14 shades of grey

  polka dot chambray shirt black skirt brown boots by 14 shades of greypolka dot chambray shirt plaid scarf blue jeans brown boots by 14 shades of grey

7 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 45.4: Hipster Commuter”

  1. Mike says:

    Wow… compared to your bus ride commute, mine seems like a cakewalk. I don’t live too far from my job thankfully so my bus ride in the morning takes about 10 minutes, 12-15 tops if extra people decide to ride that day. It takes longer to get home though because of all the traffic, but still, no more than 20 minutes at most.

    With your long bus rides, you probably see some pretty interesting people. Or even if you don’t, at least you get plenty of time to read.

    I think I told you before about some of the negative nuances that I’ve encounter on some of my bus rides. Besides “Mr. Tell Your Life Story” that I sometimes encounter, I’ve seen some pretty interesting characters on the bus in my time, mostly thugs, weirdos and other people you’d rather not meet in a dark alley (before my family moved, I used to live in the violent infested “urban” areas). But thankfully, these kinds of people were more recurring riders rather than everyday riders. My new bus ride commute these days is MUCH better than before but it’s not without its annoyances. And some of the people seem more weird rather than threatening. Like one time, I seen a guy on the bus dressed as a cowboy. And I’m not talking like a “look-a-like” either. He had everything, from the tall cowboy hat to the boots. Another time, I saw a guy who at first, looked like he was talking on a cell phone, or one of those blue tooth things. He had neither when I looked. But he was speaking like he was having a conversation with someone on the phone. And he was even doing the hand gestures, like how some people do when they talk, the whole time. Like I said, weird.

    Everyone else pretty much gets lost into their iPhones or iPods, listening to their music or playing games. I do my usual stare out of the window routine, hoping not to be bothered by anyone.

    Your outfit is cool Salazar. You should have worn your glasses here as well. It would be a great look for you!

    Have a good weekend!

    • Salazar says:

      Oh, I got my fair share of weird encounters back in LA. Once I saw a guy riding a scooter with a rabbit in the basket, and another time I saw a guy with a glass case full of scorpions. And then of course there was a time a guy got stabbed in the car ahead of mine on the train, so I had to wait 2 hours in downtown LA (not a fun place) for an express bus to my usual stop. People often said I was crazy to take public transport in LA, but I didn’t mind the weirdness 😀

      • Mike says:

        Hahaha! Yes, the stories that we could tell about public transportation. We should co-author a book called “The Madness Mayhem of Metro Transportation” that features all of the weird and awkward encounters that we’ve faced while riding the bus or other forms of public transportation. I think that it would sell because no one believes me when I tell them what I’ve told you. Having it in a book would make it more valid. 🙂

  2. I wore a similar outfit last week and felt so….basic? Stereotypical? Regardless, I really liked the outfit so whatever 🙂

    My bike commute is 15 minutes door to door. If I take the train it’s 30 minutes and I can actually walk to work in about 40 minutes. I have one of the shortest commutes I know of in Chicago! It’s why I’m loathe to move!

    • Mike says:

      I think that if I walked to work, it would take me about 40 to 45 minutes as well Erin. If I wasn’t carrying books with me all the time, that would be great exercise for me! 🙂

  3. You would TOTALLY fit in with Portland and our hipsters. 🙂

    When I have to take the bus to work, it’s usually 1.5 hours, but going home, it often stretches to 2+ hours (and that’s just 1 transfer for 2 buses, a more straightforward route home than most).

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