SIA: Alphonse Mucha

For this week’s SIA, I decided to go the classic route and pick the works of famous Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, namely his 1896’s The Seasons series:

Mucha did at least two more “seasonseries like this one (and others with themes like “precious stones” or “times of the day“), though I think this is the most recognizable. At first I just wanted to use the “Fall” piece to celebrate the current season, but in the end I figured it would be better to keep the options a bit more open so that everybody can choose whichever they like. So you can either base your outfit on just one of the seasons, or get inspired from the entire series. Just remember to send your posts and/or photos to me by next Monday, November (!!!) 2nd. Have fun!

2 Comments on “SIA: Alphonse Mucha”

  1. Noelle says:

    EEP! I’m so excited for this. Art Nouveau is my favorite art style and Mucha is the king.

  2. […] honestly wore this outfit way before Salazar chose this week’s Style Imitating Art paintings, but I think it still works really well with her choice, specifically […]

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