Singapore Day 1

My previous travel posts are always organized by content, but this time I thought it would be easier to separate them by days. Hopefully it would be helpful as a sample itinerary too.

At first, I almost booked the trip just for 1.5 days because I thought there was nothing at Singapore that interested me. But in the end, I figured, I’ve never been there before, so I might as well see some of the sights. I spent a lot of time Googling “free things to do in Singapore” because I didn’t want to spend more than I already had, and lucky for me, Singapore has plenty of those. So, here’s what I did on my first day.

7 PM: Arrived at airport and took a shuttle to my hostel. I stayed at a tiny place; more like crashing on somebody’s couch than a hostel, but it’s really nice. Also a plus – there are always free bread, peanut butter, jam, and Nutella, so if I was really cheap, I could survive just on PB&J sandwiches (I didn’t though).

singapore plane

8 PM: After a quick dinner (I’m never an adventurous eater when I’m traveling since the last thing I want is an upset stomach, so no food porn photos, sorry!), I grabbed a map and headed into town via the Metro. Public transport in Singapore is cheap and super efficient. Even somebody who is terrible with directions like me couldn’t get lost!

I know I wanted to see Gardens by the Bay this first night, so I got off at the nearest station. It turns out to be one stop too soon, but it’s OK because it took me to Singapore downtown and the Marina promenade, which are amazing.

singapore metro stationColorful mural at a station

9 PM: Walking along the promenade and enjoying the view.

singapore downtown

singapore marinaThey were practicing dance moves. I don’t know if they’re a dance troupe or not, but it was fun to watch

singapore marina

singapore downtownsingapore downtown
There are ceiling fans on the promenade. That’s how hot it is.

10 PM: Found the garden! During the day, it costs about S$30 to go inside and see everything, but the grounds are always open, you can walk around for free, there are light shows at 8:45 PM (I missed it) and it’s less crowded at night.

singapore gardens by the bay

singapore gardens by the bay

singapore marinasingapore gardens by the bay

singapore gardens by the bay

singapore marina bay sands

11:30 PM: I know the Merlion statue is across the promenade, but I was too tired to drag myself there, so I went back to the hostel and crawled into bed. Yes, I missed that one touristy thing in Singapore, but I saw so many awesome things that I didn’t regret it.



5 Comments on “Singapore Day 1”

  1. momofdox says:

    What a beautiful city at night! So many colorful lights…amazing architecture…and I love the way the water reflects everything. You took some terrific photos!

  2. Meghan @ Hayes Days says:

    All the pretty lights! I can’t wait to read about day 2, which was your first full day right?

  3. Mike says:

    Wow, Salazar! Looks like you had a great first night in Singapore! Love all the pics that you took, especially the one with you standing in front of that “rainbow mural” in the station. Sort of reminds me of Las Vegas with all the tall buildings and bright, flashy lights. You really had this all planned out well! “Googling” the free interesting places to go, finding a good place to stay the night, finding food to eat that doesn’t make your stomach topsy-turvy an hour later after you eat it…
    Really makes a trip more enjoyable when you have a good itinerary like that! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!

    And I could so survive on PB&J sandwiches too. Childhood lunchbox lunches are always the most memorable, even into adulthood.

  4. Yay, I love travel posts, and I like that it’s going to be split into days.

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