Weekly Capsule 36.1 & SIA: The Girl In The Wood

white print shirt black pants black heels by 14 shades of grey

Happy Labor Day, US readers! This capsule is going to be a bit different, because last week, when I wore it, was a short work week for me. Tuesday is my day off, then it was Vietnam’s Independence Day celebration on Wednesday, and on Friday I left for a pretty exciting trip that I will write about in upcoming posts (brace yourselves – lots and lots of pictures), so there are only two looks in the capsule.

Without further ado, this is the first outfit – inspired by Su Blackwell’s amazing paper sculpture, “The Girl in the Wood”. I have worn this shirt and these pants together before, but the print of the shirt mimics the printing on the pages of a book so perfectly that I couldn’t pass it up. And of course I had to add my book necklace too. I would’ve worn a skirt, like the girl in the sculpture, but in this rain it wasn’t practical.

And yes, it finally rained. Like, really rained. And my room promptly got flooded. Yay.

DSC_3135white print shirt book necklace by 14 shades of grey

Shirt & Heels: local shop, Pants: thrifted, Necklace: self-made

Don’t forget to check out Jess’ blog for other interpretations of this awesome work of art!

One Comment on “Weekly Capsule 36.1 & SIA: The Girl In The Wood”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks so much Salazar! Yep, I’m definitely enjoying my Labor Day holiday by being off from work. And the best part is that I get tomorrow off as well because I’m usually off on Mondays anyway. So I get an extra day since I had to work last Saturday.
    You look awesome! Great interpretation of the art. I’m in this one too and for obvious reasons, this SIA is my favorite one so far. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the roundup tomorrow.
    And glad to hear that it finally rained there! I knew that it would. I wore my blue shirt last Friday, as I said I would. 😉 Sorry to hear that your room got flooded though…

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